Some tips to eat and live vegan on a budget


- Buy seasonal fruit and vegetable!

- Go to farmer’s market and bakery as they are about to close, you might get some discount or even some free fruit/veggies and bread.

- If you have a chance, grow your own herbs and vegetables.

- Buy in bulk! Canned legumes are much more expensive, buy beans, chickpeas, peas etc. from bulk bins and cook them by yourself.

- Find out if there are any “food not bombs” or public vegan dinners in your area (in Ljubljana we have vegan dinners every Tuesday:

- Host a vegan potluck with our friends and/or family.

- Don’t be afraid of leftovers. Maybe you can even make a new dish out of it.

Home & body care:

- Make your own cleaners (here are some ideas:

- Take some time to find out which skin care products (which are NOT tested on animals, of course!) suits you best and at the same time won’t cost you too much (I love Lush, Alverde, Lavera…).